Do you remember when ‘Game For A Laugh’ ruled Saturday nights, ‘Emmerdale Farm’ was on in the afternoon, competitors battled it out across the assault course on ‘The Krypton Factor’, Big Daddy wrestled Giant Haystacks on ‘World of Sport’ and you watched ‘No 73’ on a Saturday morning in your pyjamas?

For each of these entertainment specials, presenter FERN BRITTON was joined by a different star host as they remember and celebrate the golden era of TV from 1979-1989 with a mix of affection and humour. Cohosts for the show have so far been BRADLEY WALSH, MATTHEW KELLY, JULIAN CLARY, DESMOND LYNAM and RONNIE CORBETT.

‘THAT’S WHAT I CALL TELEVISION’ wallowed in 80’s nostalgia and took an affectionate look at the top TV shows, the ads, the jingles and the TV theme tunes. Favourite shows were brought back to life and there were plenty of reunions, surprises and celebrity guests. So far, the shows have included a 'Bread' reunion, a treat for fans of Miss World, the original Cadbury's Flake girls, a celebration of the classic comedy 'The Good Life' and visits from 80s soap stars including Kate O'Mara and Dallas' very own Sue Ellen and Just Good Friends stars Paul Nicholas & Jan Francis and Top of the Pops presenters Tony Blackburn & David Jensen and from Blue Peter, Peter Purves, John Noakes & Valerie Singleton!

The shows were recorded at The ITV London Studios.


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