Marc Wootton won the New Comedy Award for 'My New Best Friend' and was best known for his portrayal of Shirley Ghostman.

His comedy genius was then showcased in a hilarious comedy sketch show for BBC3. In this series Marc played 20 different characters. In a series of monologues and visual treats Marc took us into the world of a host of quirky characters or all ages and sexes, including Doris, the 70 year old spinster enjoying a new life, Pip, a self-obsessed pretentious “Emo” singer/songwriter accompanied tonight by his adopted monkey, Una, a 50 year old East European tour guide and Rufus, the posh rapper. There was also Candy and Ian. Ian was a schoolboy who tells stories of his life with Nanny and his adventures with his best friend. Candy was an overweight, thirty something comedienne with her own particular style.

The show was recorded at BBC TV Centre.


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