To apply to take part in the show, please complete IN FULL and submit the details below. We will forward these to the production company on your behalf.

We are looking for 18-55 year olds to take part in a brand new Television series exploring the sexual fantasies of people in Britain today.

If you are selected to take part - you’ll get the chance to hear what an expert psychologist has to say about your fantasy.

In order to be considered for the series, please can you answer the questions below

If the team would like to take your application to the next stage, someone from the casting team will be in touch soon.

The information you provide will be collected and compiled by Crackit Productions, producers of the series, My Sexual Fantasy (Working Title) for the purposes of assessing whether you are a suitable contributor for My Sexual Fantasy and for developing and producing My Sexual Fantasy.

Crackit Productions will store your personal information securely and will not use it for any other purpose unless you have indicated otherwise.

Crackit Productions will not transfer your details to any other third party, other than Channel 5 who will be broadcasting the series, without contacting you first.

Please note that sro audiences never pass on any of your personal details, except to the production company for this show, Crackit Productions. By submitting this information you are consenting to our use of such information in the production of the programme.

This show is not open for booking. Please visit our list of shows that are open for booking