Citrus Television is looking for members of the public to take part in a brand new Sky Atlantic entertainment show called DON’T SIT IN THE FRONT ROW, hosted by JACK DEE!

It’s like a panel show, only with a difference -­ there are no teams, no quiz and the winner is a member of the audience front row.  

Yes, this is your chance to win the much-­coveted DON’T SIT IN THE FRONT ROW ‘Golden Chair Award’, as three of the country’s top comics use facts and stories from your life as the starting point for their comedy routines.

DON’T SIT IN THE FRONT ROW will be filmed in Central London on dates in June, July, August & September 2012. If you are interested in being a ‘contestant’ (to sit in the front row) please apply now and we’ll get back to you with an application form.

Please note that this is an application just for people to be involved in the show, and that all applicants must be aged 18 or over. If you'd like to sit in the audience, but not in the front row, then apply via the separate audience listing!


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