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We try to be as fair as we can about issuing the tickets. Successful applicants are randomly selected from amongst those who apply. We aim to email tickets to the successful applicants as quickly as possible. At most events, there are three types of ticket: Production tickets (allocated by the production company to friends & family of the team), Priority tickets (to people who have a priority note to use from SRO) and Regular tickets.
Repeat applications for any given date will be discounted so applying more than once for a particular date will not increase your chances of gaining a ticket.
Once the tickets are allocated for a given date, other applications will remain in the waiting list in case of returns and the date will show on the website as 'waiting list only' so that you will know that the tickets for that date have been allocated. We ask everyone who receives tickets to let us know if they cannot attend. If people do this, we can then pass these on. Returns can come in at any time and are also randomly allocated. Therefore we do not email those who have been unsuccessful - they may get returns later if someone else returns their tickets.
If you do not receive tickets, we are sorry. We simply may not have space to offer a ticket to everyone who applies for this event.
We shall add your details to our mailing list and, whether you are successful this time or not, we hope to see you at another show in the future.
This venue is fully accessible. We would like to ensure that everyone's visit is as comfortable as possible. If you receive tickets and any of your party have special access needs, please follow the instructions in the 'ACCESS' section of the ticket.
Photo ID may be requested by security at this event, so please ensure that the person applying for the ticket will be attending and completes their own details below.
Please remember that all tickets are free, there is no charge to join the mailing list or to apply for tickets, and we try to accommodate everyone who attends, but tickets do not guarantee entry as we do over-issue tickets to compensate for the inevitable no-shows and base the number issued on the average percentage of tickets used at similar shows.
Good luck!

The new series will be slightly different to a normal series. Our audience will be socially distanced but all audience members will be viewing the whole recording - the half hour show you see on TV is cut down from a 2 hour recording in the studio, so there will be lots more extra stuff to see than if you're watching at home! As any previous Cats Countdown audience-goer will tell you, the live recordings are really special.

We never know in advance whether each group will attend, or will use all of their tickets and we therefore over-issue tickets to compensate for the inevitable no-shows and base the over-issue on the attendance at previous recordings of a show. If we cannot accommodate a ticket holder, we offer them priority tickets to another show. Before socially distanced audiences, we admitted priority ticket holder first and then regular ticket holders on a first-come first-served basis. We shall be recording this show with a socially distanced audience (each group is distanced from each other group) and so we now have to allow for a space between each group. One party of four plus a space occupies less space than 4 single people each with a space, and at this show, the 'pods' for each group of have been laid out in fours. So, groups of four will be favoured in order to make the most of the available space and accommodate as many people as possible. Therefore, although hopefully we shall still accommodate everyone who attends, at this production, we shall now admit people in the following sequence:
- Priority ticket holders who attend as a group of 4
- Regular ticket holders who attend as a group of 4
- Priority ticket holders who attend as a group of 3
- Regular ticket holders who attend as a group of 3
- Priority ticket holders who attend as a group of 2
- Regular ticket holders who attend as a group of 2
- Priority ticket holders who attend as a group of 1
- Regular ticket holders who attend as a group of 1

We would still like you to let us know if any of your party can't make it, so that we can keep juggling numbers and we shall still over-issue to compensate for the inevitable no-shows. However, we will do our best to accommodate everyone who attends and fill as many of the seats as possible.

Members of each party must live together or belong to the same support bubble in order to sit together in the studio, and will be socially distanced from other groups.

Here at SRO Audiences, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. However, from time to time, we would like to contact you by email with details of other shows in which we think you may be interested so that you may choose to apply at that time. SRO Audiences never pass your details to any third party without your consent.

This show will take place on the dates detailed in the drop down menus below.
The venue is The Studios at Dock10, MediaCity, Salford, Manchester M50 2HQ
The nearest station is MediaCityUK Metrolink Station. Broadway Metrolink Station is also a 5 minute walk away.
The doors open at 5.30pm & 8.00pm

Tickets are limited so apply quickly

The minimum age for the show is 18 years

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