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To book tickets, go to the current shows page and select the show in which you are interested. Follow the instructions there.

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If you want to see a show that is not currently available, you can add your details to our waiting list. Fill in the details and, when relevant dates are announced, we shall contact you.

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If you have booked tickets already and need to contact us, please reply to your ticket or contact us at [email protected]. Please remember to state the name of the name in the title of your email.

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Simply reply to one of the mailings you have received and put the words 'Please unsubscribe' in the email title and we will remove your email address as soon as possible. Alternatively, at the foot of each of our email flyers, there is an 'unsubscribe' link. Pressing this will remove the email address to which the flyer was sent from our mailings.

Access Needs?

Unless otherwise stated, all of the venues are fully accessible. If you receive tickets for a show from us, simply read the information on the ticket, and, if necessary, reply to the ticket to let us know the access needs in your party so that we can endeavour to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Moved house?

Drop us a line from the email address that we use to contact you and we can update our records for you.

Have a question that isn't covered above?

You can email us with any other questions or queries at [email protected]. If you are contacting us about a specific show, please remember to state the name of the name in the title of your email.
Our office number is 020 8684 3333.

We do our best to answer calls promptly, but lines are often busy. If so, please email us and we will contact you as soon as we can.